Meet Marcus

“Autism can’t define me. I define autism.”

Born autistic, separated from his biological parents at the age of six, the first male foster child in the state of Georgia in 1989, resident of 16 foster homes and 7 group homes, winner of many Special Olympic trophies and certificates, Marcus Boyd is a voice and advocate who enlightens, encourages, and gives a sense of hope, peace, and awareness to those living and/or caring for human beings with autism.

Marcus Boyd embodies a gift that enables him to listen to the tone of an individual’s voice and immediately produce an authentic sound. Musical genius with a multi-layered sound, uttering his first words at the age of 11. Marcus’ autistic experience has fueled the breadth and depth of his musical abilities.

Marcus is a music producer raised by the hip hop culture and neo-soul era in Atlanta and New York in the nineties. His music and career has spanned over a decade, having spent 17 years grinding underground and surfacing in 2011 with several Top 10 UK hits. Since then he has released his BEAT TAPE entitled: ‘X Colour.’

Marcus has collaborated with artists such as: Mobb Deep and Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan. He has remixed acts including Mary J. Blige, Tink, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Good Morning America, Dungeon Family, 9th Wonder, Duck Down Records, Rhapsody, Sky-Zoo, Dwele, Blu, Eric Roberson, Phonte, and has appeared in movies and t.v. commercials.

Marcus is also a well-known D.J. in Atlanta and will be appearing as a model in the 100 Business Men Fashion Show. In addition to that, he will be receiving the 2018 Businessman of the Year Award as well as the 2018 Gospel Rapper of the Year Award, later this year. He adores cooking, sewing, traveling, and going to the movies; he says, ‘It’s the best place to take a nap.” He is the CEO of Marcus Boyd Beats and makes 18+ different genres of music all while focusing on his love for individuals with autism.

Autism activist Marcus Boyd has been fighting and giving back and using his voice for years now and as he volunteers at schools and talks to the kids and teach them about music and autism and encourage them that they can fly and reach the highest heights, Marcus has interviewed celebrities and locals for major indie magazine and xcentric magazine and he has volunteered to feed the homeless in Atlanta Ga and have given his time and knowledge to college students and local Atlanta Ga music scene to give wisdom and knowledge, Marcus dresses up as Santa Claus every year and give out gifts to kids who cant afford a Christmas, Marcus dressed up as the Easter bunny this year to help give joy to children and he went around passing out Easter candy. Marcus is the co founder of atl hottest special awards 1st annual will be on December 6th 2019 the atl hottest special awards is geared to celebrate and give honor to mental health and all of the communities in the state of Georgia so as you can see Marcus Boyd does a lot but he is just getting started much more to come.

Marcus Boyd has made history with his beat “Happy Feet” which is now the only song being spun by a American Autistic Music producer and composer from the United States. The song is being incorporated into a dance by a Seoul Koran dance company and team.
Marcus has a goal in mind and that is to be the very first Autistic adult playing his music in fashion shows. He has so far been able to brand his name with well known fashion designers like Carlye Williams, House of Band Miller Sharon Gary and many more.